TV Viewing Habits Changing

Online and on-demand TV services are changing the way in which people watch television, the latest report from Ofcom has found.

The organisation’s 2019 Media Nations report noted that more than half of households in the UK now have a TV that’s connected to the internet, while more and more people are watching video on their mobile phones.

Around half of all UK households now have at least one subscription to video on demand service, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. UK adults are also watching around half an hour of video content on YouTube each day.

While broadcast television still accounts for the majority of people’s TV viewing, the amount of time we’re spending watching this medium is falling. The Ofcom data shows that people watched an average of three hours and 12 minutes of broadcast television in 2018, which is a drop of 49 minutes compared to 2012.

It appears that the choice offered by subscription video on demand services is among the reasons for the decline in broadcast TV viewing. The majority of those surveyed believe the quality of programming on traditional TV services has remained the same or improved in the past year.

Despite this, 42 per cent of adults said that they see on demand services as their main way of watching TV and film.

Although a lot of the most popular TV shows are available through on demand platforms, that doesn’t mean we’re not still watching things live. 3.2 million people stayed up to watch the final episode of Game of Thrones when it was aired earlier this year, despite the final episode coming out at 2am UK time.

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