Samsung Launches TV Upgrade Plan

Upgrading to a new phone every few years is the norm for many people these days, but how would you feel about upgrading your TV, wall mounting and all, in your Manchester home every few years too? Having the latest and greatest TV might not be top of your priorities, but if you are a tech lover like us, then this new Samsung plan might be right up your alley. Which? explains how the plan works.

First up, you buy the TV from Samsung directly, and it has to be one of their QLED models. At that time, you take out a 48-month contract, that’s four years, much like on a phone, with an upfront 10 per cent payment and monthly payments after that. After 24 months on your plan, you’re ready for an upgrade, if you so desire, at which point you can start a new 48-month contract. If the TV is in good condition – meeting the requirements of turning on, not being cracked and not being water damaged, then Samsung will settle the first contract and send someone to collect your first TV.

So that’s how it works – but the question is, is it worth it?

Well, according to Which? possibly not. Their tests showed that between 2016 and 2018 for example, new technology had only really been introduced in a few features such as voice search and a universal guide had been adding to distinguish the two models. Unless there are large changes in technology in that time, you may just be better taking the contract and not upgrading at the end of the two years. You pay no APR so the price is the same as buying outright, but helps you split the cost.