Plug Sockets And Space For A TV ‘Top Buyer Concerns’

We all have different requirements for our homes, but there are certain features that most buyers or renters are looking for when seeking their next abode.

House Beautiful recently shared the findings of a survey by GoCompare, which asks people what essentials they look for in a new home.

The annual report revealed that the likes of central heating, double glazing and secure doors and windows are at the top of the list. But also in the top ten are requirements relating to our technology use.

For instance, having a good broadband connection is number five on the list, while having plenty of electrical sockets throughout the property is a priority for over half of those surveyed, putting this at ninth place on the list.

In at number 17 is a home with a living room large enough to fit a large, flat-screen TV. 41 per cent of those questioned said this was something they’d be looking for. And in at number 20 was satellite TV, or the ability to install satellite TV in a home that doesn’t have it.

The news provider also pointed out that having satellite TV is now ranked as more important than access to a landline telephone, while wanting space for a large TV has moved higher in the list in 2019 than in previous years.

Although our TV viewing habits are changing, according to research by Ofcom, we still like to watch movies and programmes. The latest Media Nations report from the organisation revealed that almost half of all UK households now have access to a subscription media service, like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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