His Dark Materials Series Coming To The BBC!

Excellent tidings indeed for any fans of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series of books – an adaptation of the trilogy is set to hit our TV screens this year, produced for both the BBC and HBO.

The trilogy is made up of The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass, known collectively as His Dark Materials. The first was published back in 1995, dealing with philosophical and scientific topics, and casting a relatively critical eye over organised religion.

Interestingly, the books are a homage to John Milton’s Paradise Lost, the 17th-century epic that tells the story of Adam and Eve, and Satan’s banishment from heaven.

In his introduction to an edition of the poem, Pullman wrote: “My story resolved itself into an account of the necessity of growing up and a refusal to lament the loss of innocence.

“The true end of human life, I found myself saying, was not redemption by a non-existent Son of God but the gaining and transmission of wisdom. Innocence is not wise and wisdom cannot be innocent, and if we are going to any good in the world, we have to leave childhood behind.”

The new TV series will star James McAvoy as Uncle Asriel and Logan actor Dafne Keen as main protagonist Lyra. Lin-Manual Miranda is set to play adventurer Lee Scoresby and Ms Coulter will be played by Ruth Wilson.

A film was made a few years ago about the first book, The Golden Compass, but it wasn’t well received so the big screen version of the trilogy was never completed.

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