Free TV Licence ‘Necessary For MPs’

There is currently a big question over which Tory MP will take over as Prime Minister from Theresa May, and one candidate who might have just lost a bit of support is Jeremy Hunt, after he claimed free TV licences for MPs is not considered a perk, but a necessity.

Speaking with Leading Britain’s Conversation (LBC), the secretary of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs, suggested it was fair that MPs are allowed to claim their TV licence as part of their expenses, whereas pensioners are now being made to pay for it.

One listener to the radio show asked the politician how this can be justified, to which he replied having a TV might be a “legitimate” expense if they need to have a second home because they live outside of London.

He supported his argument by saying: “The media’s a pretty important part of an MPs work.”

The Conservative leadership candidate clarified it would be an “additional cost because of your work”, claiming that it was not perk of the job.

This comes after the BBC made the controversial decision to get rid of free TV licences for those over the age of 75.

Last week, it announced 3.7 million people will have to pay for their TV licence as of June next year.

The organisation stated that the extra cost it would have incurred if it continued to offer the licence for free beyond this date would have resulted in “unprecedented closures” of some of its popular channels.

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