Did You Watch The GoT Finale Live?

Game of Thrones (or GoT) aired its first episode back in 2011. The series was based on books by George R.R Martin, in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and it instantly became a big hit.

HBO has been responsible for the production of the series, which entered its eighth and final season this year with fans divided over how the plot has panned out.

The last ever episode of the series was aired on HBO on 19 May and despite the fact that it screened at 2am UK time, 3.2 million Brits still stayed up late to watch the finale.

The Guardian revealed that three-quarters of all the people watching TV with Sky Atlantic in the early hours of Monday morning were glued to the GoT final episode. And there were a further 527,000 who chose to catch up on the episode at a more civilised time on Monday evening.

Of course, the next challenge for broadcasters like HBO is to find a new series to take the place of this popular saga. And with increasing competition from online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, traditional broadcasters need to make sure they provide quality programmes for audiences.

Earlier this year, we picked out some of the must-watch series of 2019, of which the final season of GoT was just one. Also on our list was the new season of Stranger Things, which will be hitting Netflix in July, and the fifth series of Peaky Blinders, which is also set to start over the summer.

Make sure your TV aerials are up to scratch so you don’t miss any of the big moments.